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Masbia Charoset Drive
Masbia soup kitchen network is where the rubber meets the road in the fight against hunger. We feed hot, nutritious meals to hungry men, women and children. No statistics. No bureaucracy. No middleman. We deposit food in empty stomachs.

Sweeten Passover for the Needy: Annual Charoset Drive set to feed 2,500 families

As the Passover Seder approaches, you are probably already busy making a list of people who will sit at your table, or maybe sorting through invitations to sit at someone else’s. Masbia, too, is making plans to extend our seder table to record-breaking numbers this Passover season.

Masbia will once again be giving packages filled with Passover foods to families in need during the days before Passover. Each package contained hundreds of dollars worth of Passover food, and varied based on family size. We called our Passover campaign a Charoset-Drive, and started our bags with apple, nuts and grape juice, but will end up including much more.

Taking our annual Charoset Drive to the next level, Masbia will provide our largest food distribution since our founding in 2005, just in time for Passover. Distributing 180,000 meals, worth over $650,000, at our three sites and a new distribution location in Manhattan at Lincoln Square Synagogue, this year’s Pesach distribution will supply 2,500 families with kosher-for-Passover staples.

These packages are only made possible by our donors and volunteers. This year, make Passover more meaningful by sharing your freedom with those in need. To join in our Charoset Drive as a sponsor, please

Jamie Geller, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and more at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network

Just as needy families across the country are bracing for the holidays and beginning to feel the pinch, popular food personality Jamie Geller and the Masbia soup kitchen network are offering people an easy way to help.

Everyone enjoys sharing with others, and everyone finds comfort in good food. Geller and Masbia are giving people the opportunity to find joy in both.

The popular cookbook writer and her Joy of Kosher team recently volunteered at the soup kitchen and decided they wanted to partner with Masbia to get more people on board with fighting hunger. Geller is offering a subscription to her cooking magazine and her books to anyone who makes a minimum donation of 30 meals to the kitchen, a $180 contribution. For every $180 contribution Geller will send a one year subscription to "Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller" magazine. Donors who double that and will receive a subscription along with one of her cookbooks, including her latest "Joy of Kosher: Fast, Fresh Family Recipes." READ MORE

Masbia serves 20,000 meals to Hurricane Sandy Victims

We at Masbia, a network of three soup kitchens in New York City, were forced to make the unpleasant decision to close the doors in the face of Hurricane Sandy, expecting to reopen the Wednesday after the storm. That plan had to change quickly in response to Councilman Brad Lander`s urgent plea Tuesday morning.

Masbia`s help was requested in feeding hundreds of seniors that had been evacuated to the Park Slope Armory. Many of the evacuees were on restrictive diets and the high-sodium, army-grade food rations available were a serious health concern. Masbia immediately began preparing healthy, fresh comfort food.

An entourage of seniors in wheelchairs and stretchers arrived at the Armory and were greeted by smiling volunteers who had prepared hundreds of meals, but that was just the start. IN the days following Sandy, Masbia continued to provide hot, nutritious meals throughout New York City. Working with our partners and other other emergency food providers, Masbia was able to provide 20,000 meals in two weeks.

Although Sandy was some time ago, we are still grateful for all of the support from our volunteers, donors and the general community. As we move forward into a new day, Masbia continues to see a growing need in our community. A need that we are tackling every day.


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